What Are The Kansas City Chiefs Colors In 2024?

What Colors Are the Kansas City Chiefs?

The official team colors of the Kansas City Chiefs are red, gold, and white. Interestingly, they’ve been rocking these colors since the team’s start in 1960, when they founded as the Dallas Texans thanks to Lamar Hunt. Hunt went with the colors red and gold primarily because he wanted them to stand out and be catchy. For him, the red shouts out the team’s fiery spirit and energy, while the gold is a nod to its storied past and tradition. On the other hand, white is that timeless shade that chills in the background, letting the other two colors shine.

Consistency-wise, the Chiefs’ palette hasn’t wavered much since they first came onto the scene. The only hiccup came in 1963 when they made the leap from Dallas to Kansas City. Originally, they were all about blue and orange vibes, but those were already the go-to for the Houston Oilers. So, the Chiefs thought, “Why not switch to red and gold?” just to steer clear of any mix-ups.

Now, the Chiefs’ colors aren’t just some random choice. They’re a massive part of who they are. You’ll see them splashed all over ads and fan gear. Plus, their home turf, Arrowhead Stadium, is decked out in these shades. From the outer walls to the seats, it’s a sea of red and gold.

The red color, also known as Pantone PMS 186 C, Hex #E31837, RGB (227, 24, 55), and CMYK (0, 92, 77, 22), shows their Chiefs’ Native American heritage. It’s a color that pops out, making it a good show of the team’s history and culture.

The gold color, Pantone PMS 1235 C, Hex #FFB81C, RGB (255, 184, 28), and CMYK (0, 31, 98, 0), shows team’s wealth of talent. The touch of gold gives the team a special touch, showing off their steady game.

Kansas City Chiefs Color Codes

These colors are recognized within in the NFL and beyond. They’re popular in fan clothes and stuff, and they rule the looks of their home turf, Arrowhead Stadium, famous for its sea of red seats. It’s proof of the never gets old and strong look the Kansas City Chiefs have created through their unique red and gold.

Why Are the Chiefs Colors Red and Gold?

The famous red and gold of the Kansas City Chiefs wasn’t their first choice. At first, the team’s colors were Columbia blue and orange. But, the team’s founder, Lamar had to rethink this palette when Bud Adams, owner of the Houston Oilers, claimed the blue color.

In the end, Hunt picked the mix of red and gold, linking these colors with energy and fight. Red means bravery, passion, and willpower. Gold, on the other hand, stands for power, muscle, and royalty. Together, these colors form a standout, cool mix that’s become linked with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Pantone numbers for the Chiefs’ red and gold are PMS 186 C and PMS 1235 C, respectively. The gold color is sometimes simply called “Chiefs gold” or “Chiefs royal.”

In the team’s past, the outfits mostly wore red and gold. The only different time was a quick phase in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the Chiefs wore white uniforms with red numbers. The team’s helmets show off a white arrowhead, and the overlapping “KC” logo is in red and gold, further making these colors the team’s identity.

These bright colors, deep in the team’s roots, stir pride in the fans. They always remind us of the team’s history and tradition, creating a thrilling and tough vibe at the Chiefs’ home ground, Arrowhead Stadium.

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The Chiefs’ Uniforms

The Chiefs’ outfits have kept a steady design since the team’s start, proof of the lasting strength of their brand identity. The Chiefs’ home outfit shows a red jersey with white numbers and words, paired with white pants. Adding to the look is a red helmet showing off the iconic white “KC” logo.

On the flip side, the uniform for away games is mainly white with red numbers and words, coupled with red pants. The helmet for the away look flips the color scheme of the home version, being white with the “KC” logo shown in red. Fans can also find away game Chiefs shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, baseball Jersey, Hawaiian shirts and leggings to show their support for the team on the road.

Besides their standard home and away kits, the Chiefs have brought out some different outfits throughout the years. In 2013, the Chiefs showed off an all-red outfit during their home opener against the Dallas Cowboys. Similarly, in 2016, they wore a white alternate outfit with red numbers and words. These alternate outfits give a new take on the Chiefs’ classic red and gold look while keeping the strong image that the team is known for.

The Chiefs’ Logos

The Kansas City Chiefs’ logos have been a key part of the team’s image, showing an amazing steadiness since the team’s start. Their primary logo is known by a simple but bold white “KC” text on a red background. This design shows off the team’s strong colors and its pride for the city it stands for.

Adding to the primary logo, the Chiefs’ second symbol is a red arrowhead that holds a white “KC” inside. This logo is not just unique and easy to spot, but also shows off the Chiefs’ Native American roots, giving extra meaning to the team’s visual identity.

Despite being simple, the Chiefs’ logos effectively capture the team’s vibe. Their quick to spot design, mixed with the strength of their meaning, make sure they keep being a strong showing of the Kansas City Chiefs, the city they love, and the die-hard fans that back them up.

The poppin’ red and gold colors, steady kit styles, and recognizable logos of the Kansas City Chiefs show the team’s lasting power, tons of skill, and dedication to being the best since its start in 1959. These things not only wrap up the Chiefs’ glorious past and customs but also stir up huge fan love globally. The ChiefsFam Store is the perfect spot to carry these signs of love and enthusiasm, offering a wide range of merchandise that lets fans feel closer to their favorite team.

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